9 December 2007

No Trouble

The kennel operator said all the right things when we picked up the Hammer after we returned from vacation. "She was no trouble at all." But his eyes were telling us a completely different story. His eyes told us, "Thanks for the money but are we ever glad to see you take your motherfucking dog home."

You could tell he was watching how the Hammer responded to the sight of us and the Cadillac. She ran straight up to Sonja first, confirming my suspicion Sonja is her favourite. Then again she may have remembered it was me who dropped her off at the kennel. After she had a rub down from Sonja she jumped into the car's open back door, happy to put the kennel behind her.

Kennels are a little expensive at $18 dollars a night. This time around I think we got more than our money's worth.

Our first dog Strangler got the best value out of her kennel stays. The kennel operator had to hire a neighbour to walk her two hours a day to keep her settled.

Maybe I should have told the kennel that the Hammer likes to eat homeless people's shit. A little brown goodness before bed would have kept her quiet.

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