18 December 2007

New Cat

There is a new cat in the neighbourhood. The Hammer has had an eye out for the cat ever since she first spotted it crossing the road out the front window. There are not as many outdoor cats as there used to be. It probably will not last long. Being free comes with risks.

When I was out front a few moments ago I called the cat over. The cat came right over, friendly as fire, only stopping a couple times to make sure my wide eyed dog was not going to burst through the window and join us.

I petted the cat. The cat purred. My dog stared at the human/cat contact in disbelief. Then I said, "Goodnight puss." The cat kept on purring as I opened and closed the door.
I have a new friend.

1 comment:

Nicole said...


I just bet that there hasn't been a pussy you've petted that didn't end up your friend!!! :-P

I hope the cat makes it! Can you leave some food out for it???
Tell the Hammer she can't have this cat.

Ps. I wouldn't doubt it if some way, some how, YOU and Woozie aren't related!!! :-)