12 December 2007

Devout Animal Sacrifice Christian

Shortly after the jury found Willie Pickton guilty of the first half dozen of the dozens of women he may have snuffed out a significant detail of his life was released. I hope no one was surprised to learn Willie Pickton is a devout Animal Sacrifice Christian. It is a significant detail he shares with just about every serial killer. For some reason Christianity coughs up sociopaths like fuck.

If you do not want your children to grow up like Willie Pickton do not raise them Christian.


Nicole said...

he must really be sick in the head, hey?
I am talking, really deranged.

Nice pics, btw..where did you go on your vacation?

I hope the Hammer was traeted well at the kennel. Sometimes they are iffy!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Like most Christians who go off the deep end it looks like Pickton thought he was doing God's work by thinning the herd of evil doers.

My vacation was spent in Heaven. While I was there God told me, "There's two things holier than wine - Canadian beer and hockey."

The Hammer looked out my car's back window at the kennel as we left. That is usually a good sign the place was alright to her.