5 October 2007


The wise man will avoid persecution, because a protracted life, and an unfettered liberty, are likely to enable him to produce a greater sum of good. He will avoid persecution, because he will be unwilling to add fuel to the flames of contention. He will regret it when it arrives, because he believes it to be both wicked and mischievous. But he will not avoid it by the sacrific of a virtuous, but tempered activity. He will not regret it with a mean and pusillanimous spirit, but will meet it, when it can no longer be prevented, with that dignity of soul and tranquillity of temper that are characteristic of true wisdom. He will not imagine that the cause of truth will perish, though he should be destroyed. He will make the best of the situation to which he is reduced, and endeavour that his death, like his life, may be of use to mankind. - William Godwin

It lifts my spirit to read a passage or two from Godwin's Enquiry Concerning Political Justice after word reaches me that the enemies of Freedom have been exercizing their whip hand. Another 62 million for Canada's corrupt war on drugs will not go far, but by furthering the persecution of those who find themselves employed in the underworld economy, we encourage its fantastic growth. You would think Stephen Harper is looking for a flying skull patch on his jacket.

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