14 September 2007

Strangler's Leash

When Sonja was cleaning recently, while I was basking in the sun at the racetrack, she pulled out my first dog Strangler's leash. We had put everything away we associated with Strangler when she died because we were so upset every time we looked at one of her belongings we started crying and carrying on like New Yorkers every time they see an aircraft off course.

The leash is black and skinnier than the horse hide one I have used for both Ranger and the Hammer. I have hooked Strangler's leash on to the Hammer a few times now. And while I still associate the sight of it with my first, magic dog I can handle it now. It has taken me about a decade but I guess I am finally over the death of Strangler.

She was a beauty. When I was not paying attention she used to stick her long pink tongue in my mouth and laugh at me with her big brown dog eyes as I wiped my face with a sleeve and washed her tongue gob down with a cold beer if I had one handy.
"Strangler you bitch! Why do you keep doing that?"
"Hee hee hee. Fuck you Beer. Eat my slobber motherfucker."


Andraste said...

Christ, if I could have a dog, I'd have some big, fundamentally happy, possibly retarded, shaggy old fucker with just that kind of sense of humor.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'd never had a dog until Sonja and I moved out of our last punk rock apartment and rented our first house. It was an old house and the landlord was a fucking idiot. It was not long after that I rescued my first dog. Somehow or other that dog, Strangler, who lived a very long time, led Sonja and I to the house we own.

As Lou Reed sang, "My house is very beautiful at night." I've really got a lucky life, my writing, my Hammer and my wife.

Nicole said...

awwwwww Beer!!!!

It takes a REAL Motherfucker to be able to share his feelings. I am proud to "know" ya!!!

So...Edmonton laid a thumping on Montreal last night..those idiots!!!
We'll see what goes down today is Cowtown.
Bombers in Hamilton...wonder who will win THAT one!!???

Andraste said...

You ARE lucky. Maybe next summer, I'll go on strike, and enjoy my life a little bit like you're doing right now.

The spouse will need a very high paying job so we can afford that, but there's always the lottery, I guess. Maybe I should actually PLAY it....

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Over here in Dope City we are damn happy to see Casey Printers landed a job quarterbacking the Tiger Cats. Interest in the Kitty Kat CFL rivalry has been lame of late but I think we can all look forward to watching the Eastern Conference's best quarterback for many years to come.

Don't imagine Printers will lead his team to victory against Winterpig but a team with a healthy Lumsden and MVP Printers running out of their backfield will be hard for any team to handle.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am the Lucky Logger.