6 September 2007


We had a familial murder/suicide in one of my province's pricier postal codes this week. The fucker who killed his estranged wife, kid and two other relatives before he booked his trip to the Hereafter was a Christian by the sounds of things.

Christian motherfuckers sure do cause a lot of trouble. That's why I am not in favour of Albertans or anyone else running nuclear reactors: it will be Haywire Christians in charge of the plant; and if it is not Christians it will be drunk Communists like at Chernobyl.

It also sounds like the violent Christian lunatic recently tried to hurt his wife with his car. He was charged for doing so but released with several strict, unenforceable conditions such as keeping away from his wife and home.

Christians should not even be permitted to drive a car. Jesus got around pretty good without one.


Phil said...

Give me a good ole, tree hugging, dancing in the nude pagan any day. Or a budhist. They are cool too. The Christians make the world a weird place. Gandi was asked about Christianity once and he said, "I love your Christ, it is his followers that I have a problem with". Or something to that effect.


Nicole said...

Hmmm maybe I was onto something when I did that post "What Would Jesus Drive".

The thing that gets me is that these sick, selfish fuckers take out there innocent kids with them.
Sad and so needless.

So I guess I have offended some homophobic troll, all in a good day's work! ;-)

Gotta love those gutless Nutters......not!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Ghandi was my kind of guy too. He did pretty good for a guy not into machine guns.

There's too many folks who still regard their wife and children as possessions, as ornaments. I have known a lot of cute little Korean kids about the same age as the boy who had to watch his father come at him with a knife before he died. I believe that is exactly what their twisted scriptures tell them to do.

It pisses me off and makes me sad thinking about what one powerful moron can do to four defenseless, powerless individuals.