31 August 2007

Picton Farm Screaming

I was out back cutting the lawn today in my darkest sunglasses, the ones I cannot see much out of. As I pushed my mower beneath some vines I have been meaning to prune I hit something just about big enough to stall out the mower. There was a crunchy sound and some Picton Farm screaming. Too bad I do not use a bag to collect my grass cuttings. That may have limited the size of the patch of the back garden that looked suddenly like the remains of a Canadian soldier after a bad Saturday night in Afghanistan.

Unless people have started putting collars on the local wild rabbit population my guess it was someone's kitten that got splattered in my haste to cut the lawn before the fall rains are upon us. But the rain is not supposed to come until Sunday which makes for a clean up problem. What if the neighbour's little girl comes by looking for her cute little Buttons and sees a pile of gore in the backyard dotted with Buttons' fur?

I put the Hammer out back to see if she would clean it up for me. It does not look half bad now. And the Hammer loves me more than ever.


Andraste said...


This is one reason why my babies are strictly indoor cats.

madame x said...


blink blink

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Before I had dogs I had cats, outdoor cats. The first one stuck around for about a decade. The rest got ran over by (someone else's) lawn mowers.

Used to be an outdoor cat had a chance out here on the fringes of Dope City. Now there are too many human powered hazards for all but the wiliest or luckiest cats to survive Free for long.

Andraste said...

Cat lifespan:

Outdoor cat: 3-5 years (if lucky)

Indoor cat: 12+ years

It's not just lawnmowers and cars. It's vicious teenagers, dogs, skunks, raccoons, feline leukemia...

Ugh. I wish more people would cop on.