28 August 2007

Blackberry Picking With the Hammer

The Hammer, like most dogs, has a few trademark cute moves to make up for her behaviour Sonja and I do not appreciate, such as leaving yucky pools of drool all over the house. Today the Hammer did a lot of my favourite cute act of hers.

I took my dog blackberry picking. There are loads of berries out there. They are not as sweet as the berries we had the last couple of overheated summers but they are plentiful.

As I pick berries the Hammer eats them off the lower reaches of the brambles. Very carefully she eases her snoot into the blackberry bushes and eats more berries than may be wise, if you know what I mean. Sometimes she gets the whole berry, sometimes just the front half. And she makes noises like children eating triple scoop ice cream cones as she does it and makes yummy, yummy blackberry eyes at me as she chews them up.

She only does this when I am picking berries, not when we are just walking by them.

The main thing is she does not spray wet, seedy shit from one end of the house to the other after she has gone on a blackberry rampage.


Stephanie said...

If the weather cooperates, just wait 'til she has those over-ripe fermented ones in mid-late September:-)

Christy said...

Yum berries. Clean ones preferably. ;o)