9 June 2007


Every neighbourhood has a girl all the teenage boys are infatuated with. Just such a girl existed in my neighbourhood. She lived a few blocks from the Hockey house. He name was Beth and her bedroom faced a road me and the boys often travelled on.

When we walked, cycled or later drove past Beth's place we would pause and look up into her bedroom window. At night Beth always had her curtains open and her black light on. The black light lit up the black light posters on her walls. She had the same assortment of black light posters on her walls we all did. The ones where the guy's head is melting into his hands below the phrase STONED AGAIN and shit like that.

We never saw Beth in her window. She was probably watching tv in the front room with her parents.

"She's probably too stoned to look out the window."

"If she looked out right now I bet we would freak her out."

"She probably has one hand on her hash pipe and the other on her pussy."

"If her window was open you would be able to smell the hash and pussy from here."

"I smoked some hash with Beth before school last year. When she passed the pipe back to me it smelled like pussy."

"I think she's on MDA tonight."

"I think she's on acid. Purple microdot!"

"Maybe she's on scribble."

"Her bra and panties must look cool under the black light."

"Maybe she took some of that peyote I gave her in math class on Friday."

"She's got to be on mushrooms, man."

Beth, of course, never did fuck one of us. But her ugly sister fucked us all when Beth was on a student exchange to Quebec. She fucked us all under Beth's black light.


jen said...

beth appeared to have better judgment, perhaps?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Beth later underlined her good judgement when she unplugged her black light and left Sliverville for Montreal, the hash capital of Canada.

jen said...

see beth go.