21 June 2007

Pills and Beer

I picked up a prescription after work today. The pharmacist warned me in a bored, off-hand way about drug interactions and possible side effects the medicine might have. When she was finished and about to take my marvelous Canadian sawbucks I asked her incredulously, "You mean I can't take these with beer?"

She said, "No Mr. Hockey, if you take these with beer you may cause harm to the lining of your stomach. Also you may get diarrhea."

I did not like the sound of that, although the thought crossed my mind that if I drank some beer with the pills I could probably take the next couple days off of work due to the sit down flu. "There must be some mistake. My doctor always gives me pills that go real good with beer. He knows I won't take them otherwise." I looked at her like maybe she had something else to give me in place of the useless do not take with beer pills.

She looked at the name of my doctor on the pill container and made a mental note to visit him when she needed some pills that go good with beer and handed me the pills.

I paid for them. On my way from the counter I told her, "Oh, well. I can probably trade these for a couple pints at the pub."


jen said...

5 bucks says you took them anyways. they really need to come up with a viagra that you can drink with.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I only had a few beer though.