27 June 2007

Get Pissed! Destroy!

At various times, but especially around contract time, we woodworkers like to creatively piss off the boss now and again. The boss pulls our wire whenever he goddamn well feels like a good tug. Why should we be any different?

Today word went around that everybody ought to show up tomorrow with a hangover Jack Munroe would be proud of and not bring any pills to work to fix it. Most everybody shows up for work with a noticeable hangover anyway - we would just have to toss back a couple more shots before finally hitting the old fart-sack to make sure we all look a little like Jack Munroe in the morning. It will be the lack of pills that may make our managers wish contract talks were over and done with.

One way or another the time has come in our negotiations for the companies and our union to take a big beer shit or get off the motherfucking pot. We told our union a long time ago we are sick and tired of contract talks dragging out past Canada Day. Fuck that shit. If you are going to strike, it is best to strike at the beginning of summer when we all have better things to do than get screwed up the ass by the fucking boss.


jen said...

dude, every time i come here it looks different i like that.

must be the woodworker in you.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

... or perhaps the woodworm?