5 April 2007

Big Daddy

I was late for work today and I was not the only one. As I was taking the lonely walk of the late into the mill Big Daddy screeched into the parking lot in his rusty old Camaro. As he asked me, "How the fuck you doing this fucking morning Beer?" two of the mill secretaries jumped out of the other side of his car. One was Annette, she has been around the mill as long as log shortages; the other was a new girl, all big ass, eyes and lip stick.

Big Daddy has, or says he has, the biggest, baddest, crookedest cock in British Columbia. "Probably the the biggest, baddest, crookedest cock in Canada except for Quebec where I'd still be the biggest and the baddest but not the crookedest."

Big Daddy has fucked every secretary that has jockeyed a desk at the mill. "All I had to do was fuck one of them Beer and word of mouth advertizing took care of the rest."

I worked with Big Daddy on the river many years ago. He was the only boom man motherfucker who did not have to unbutton his rain pants to piss in the dirty river. He just reached down into his rain gear and hung his hose over the top of his Black Diamond pants.

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