26 March 2007

Deluxe Radio

There is a radio in my brain. I never know what it is going to play. Today it was playing Motorhead's "Dirty Love."

I could use some dirty love
You can't abuse my dirty love
That's what I need,to satisfy my greed
Come on over with your dirty love

I want to taste some dirty love
Don't want to waste your dirty love
Whatever you got, bet your life I want the lot
I want to grab your dirty love

I gotta have your dirty love
I gotta have your dirty love
I'll show you the way, to dirty love all night all day
I'm gonna treat you to some dirty love
Right now

You probably have a radio in your head too. All our radios are tuned a little different. All the songs in the radio in my head are sung by Anne Murray. It is the best radio station in Canada.


iggy slop said...


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You should hear Anne Murray sing the Applicator's "Lick My Sweaty Balls."