22 March 2007

Poison Pet Food Incorporated

"... pride and independence can only be regained by returning control of education, health care, poverty relief, all social services to voluntary groups, organized to give the person helped the awareness that he is helping himself and others as well and not receiving the charity of the state or of individuals. It is in exploring this here-and-now self-help approach that the most fruitful Anarchist thinking and writing has developed ..." George Woodcock

As I walked the Hammer in the sunny woods yesterday we came across three boys enjoying their spring vacation. They were playing on the trees knocked across the creek by one of the violent wind storms that livened up Dope City's unusually animated winter. The boys were doing the sort of thing I did as a young boy: testing their balance, their nerve, their willingness to risk landing in the cold, stony creek all in the name of an afternoon of fun so necessary to becoming a Canadian man. If they learned nothing more than how cool that creek will keep the beer they one day steal from their old man their day was well spent.

I let the Hammer splash around the creek upstream from where the boys played. Cold water on the paws is like amphetamines to a dog. As she stuck her nose in the water and blew bubbles I caught sight of salmon berry blossoms coaxing the season's first bees out of the air and into their perfumed depths.

As I watched my healthy dog I thought of the big pet food company accused of putting its profits before the health of the pets of its customers. Sounds like the greedy shits have killed quite a few animals. Owners of pets killed by the poison food are threatening to sue. I would rather watch the pet food company morons, who were purposely slow to inform the public of their poison pet food, eat a big bowl of their product and see how they do.

Honestly, the boys playing in the creek had better sense than the corporate whores at Poison Pet Food Inc.


Ed said...

Better check the date on that can of seal meat.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Canned seal meat (and why not a few brains thrown in as well?) is probably the best thing you could feed your dog in the absence of a good fresh seal to munch on.

Fishermen on this coast shoot seals whenever they see them but you have to have a real downhome connection if you ever want to bring a fresh one home for you and your dog to dine on.