7 March 2007

License and Registration

The main road near where I live is driven on like it is the Autobahn. Everybody, including me, drives on it four times the speed limit. Come to think of it, everybody drives on the rest of the roads at two to three times the posted limit. Instead of posted speed limits the government should just hang body bags from telephone poles.

People drive like loons because they are conditioned to only concern themselves with the odds of getting caught by the police and getting yelled at and fined. Cops around here love yelling at people when they pull people over. The people they pull over yell back just as loud. "What the fuck do you know about driving you fucking pig!"

Today the police had one of their big speeding road checks set up on the road by my place. They had about twelve people pulled over with a cop leaning in the driver's side window and more drivers waiting to be handed their tickets. The cops were yelling, the people they had pulled over were yelling. The whole scene reminded me of the Parliament channel on tv.

Nobody will slow down though. Everybody around here is conditioned to be a gambler. They know the odds of being pulled over are higher than the odds of hitting a jackpot at the casino or the superfecta at the race track because the cops are way too busy with other matters and way to lazy to put up more roadside checks than is necessary to convince the average brainwashed citizen that they are the least bit interested in protecting them - from anything.

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