30 March 2007

I Love Long Weekends

The time of year all us in favour of getting good and boozed up every now and then is just about upon us. I speak of course of the many long weekends between now and the end of the year. Jesus pretended to die and pulled the whole resurrection hoax (that anybody who can add 2 + 2 can see is a second rate leg pull) so you could get wasted one more day than usual in the spring. So the hairy fucker did not pretend to die for nothing.

You would think the people in Jesus' neighbourhood were incredibly dumb, high on mushrooms and stone drunk all the time to have bought the hoax. (But that sentence pretty much describes me and I would never fall for such insane shit. Maybe I am picking the wrong mushrooms.) Just being one of the three would not do. The earliest Christians were fucked up beyond all recognition.

I have already got my rabbit meat in the freezer ready to stew up for the traditional Easter feast. Tastes like Christians. And Sonja has her bunny get up in the closet. It does not take much effort to get me looking like Elmer Fudd. All I have to do is hide a few chocolate eggs around the house and every time Sonja bends over to pick one up I say, "Silly Wabbit."

The other thing great about spring is getting out there cutting the grass and doing the rest of the yard work. Gives a man one more reason to drink beer and not watch the Canucks go down in play-off flames on the tv.

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