5 March 2007

Anarchist Eyes

The Hammer and I saw a deer on the trail again today. Just one, probably 100 yards ahead of us. The deer spotted us every bit as soon as we saw its big brown ears flickering around. I do not know much about deer but it was not real big so I think it was a female, maybe a young female.

As the Hammer made her way very slowly towards our trail friend the deer slowly put a little distance between us. She would go a few steps and then look back to see what we were doing. She was just walking, as curious about us as we were in her. I guess she is used to sharing her space with people and their drooly best friends.

Eventually the deer thought it might be a good idea to hop the creek and some blackberry vines to where she could watch us from closer range. She stood there as we got closer and looked at us with her big Anarchist brown eyes. Deer are one of the prettiest wild animals. The three of us were within 30 feet of one another when she decided she had seen enough and bounced into the safety of the forest.

As she disappeared the Hammer got brave and made like she was on a hunting trip, running this way and that - but not daring to venture very far into the forest in search of the small horse-like animal.

To make up for the lack of closer contact with the deer she found some mud the deer had pissed or shit in and rolled around in it. I had to throw her in the creek even though she did not smell real bad.

Having a dog gets you off your ass out into the real world more than most people get. Yesterday, as I returned from my trip to the barber shop, my dog led me to where the latest homeless person has set up camp near home. Sometimes the real world is prettier than Miss Jasper Rodeo. Sometimes it is ugly as a dirty clear plastic tarp swinging in the breeze.
I like being part of the real world, the world that could not give an aerial fuck about Anna Nicole Smith, even if it gets me drinking more than you might think is good for me.

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