6 February 2007

Close Call

  • In many ways the history of British Columbia is a history of sawmill closures. If you took the time to figure it out there is a very good chance a sawmill has been closed on every day of the calendar year in the last 100 years. Many days would have had multiple closures.

    A sawmill related rumour reached me on the Beer Pipeline at the Super Bowl party I attended on the weekend. It seems that after a corporate restructuring, way the fuck up North in the interior of the Canadian province nobody ever heard of until we started growing some fine weed, somebody bust open the natural gas line feeding a hangar housing the corporate jets belonging to the recently restructured corporation. The hangar was pretty much full of gas before somebody heard the hissing from the pipe and called the fire department before they lit their coffee time joint for the last time.

    Police in the area are investigating and have warned the corporation's big-wig motherfuckers of the likelihood they have targets painted on their backs by somebody they have very little chance of identifying.

    If that hangar had filled up with gas for a while before something ignited it, it would have made for the biggest explosion in British Columbia history. What is it about airplanes that make people want to explode them so bad?

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