22 February 2007

2010 Olympic Women's Curling Tickets For Sale

Like most red and white Canadians I have been watching a little of the curling on the television. Damn those Canadian curling women are hot! Hotter than the hinges on the gates to the White House.

When the tickets go on sale for 2010 Olympic events I will be doing everything possible to get hockey tickets. But it will be tickets in my pocket to see world class women curlers go at it that will get my heart going pitter-patter. Those Swedish women curlers are hotter than Swedish magazines!

Every once in a while someone asks me, "So just what the fuck is it about Anne Murray that puts a head on your beer?" I think it is that I could see her curling. You cannot say that about all women. I could not say that about Sonja. She is more of a kung-fu fighter. And I could hear Anne Murray singing, "Hurry Hard!"

Until just now, when I got to thinking about hot female curlers and Anne Murray and all the other great things about my endangered polar bear of a country, I was not even looking forward to the Olympics.

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