11 January 2007

The Winner Is?

We had a small snow storm hit Dope City yesterday. Traffic chaos of the first order resulted. There was death and much motherfucking cursing. Sort of like Iraq if everybody was fighting with snow shovels instead of bombs.

Those who once harboured the illusion that government can prevent chaos have switched to the Anarchist side. In this case, the government caused the chaos by giving people the false impression they can handle a little snow. Just imagine how well the government will protect you in a real emergency. From what I have seen we would be off better clearing the roads ourselves, one shovel full at a time.

The oil companies will be glad to know motorists around here used many times their normal amount of fuel getting home last night. The government heavily taxes that same extra fuel burned into our choked atmosphere. Those of us who buy their fuel around Dope City are being robbed by both Pillars of Evil every time we purchase our sweet Alberta Tea.

It is written: it does not matter who you vote for (or against) the government always wins. And the champagne at the victory party is paid for with Petrol D'allahs.

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