9 January 2007

Putrid List

I do not buy as many records as I used to.

I try not to do what every other motherfucker on the internet does.

Which is generate putrid lists.

My favourite records of the year 2006 were The Drive-By Truckers' "Blessing and a Curse" (even though they got fucked out of playing my city last year - maybe they will make up for it by playing one of the bars in Steepleton next time they get near Dope City); Jerry Lee Lewis' record with all the old fucking hippies on it (I hope I live to be as old and ungraceful as The Killer); and, what has to be my Fave of the Year - The Motherfucking Canadian Subhuman's "New Dark Age Parade" (the closest anybody has come to bumping off the Sex Pistols' album as the best record ever since DOA's "13 Flavours of Doom" or the Subhuman's initial recording - "Incorrect Thoughts").

Yeah, they are a bunch of old cunts (with the exception of a couple members of the Drive-Bys). Fuck you.


Nicole said...

am I the motherfucker with the lists you are talking about??!! :)

Happy New Year to you and the Hammer!

How did your air hockey table hold up from the holidays...I watched the news carefully every night, listening for a story about a drunken family fued and a trashed air-hockey table....didn't hear anything, so figutred you had a quiet holiday.....there's always next year!!!

was surprised that you never told me to add some Anne M. to my IPOD, I must add!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Lists originating near the Great Big Sea of Saskatchewan are potash, not putrid.

My family is too drunk to feud.

You must be the only resident of Saskatchewan without Anne Murray on their little music machine. Too bad she did not get to sing with Screamin' White Jefferson - the greatest Saskatchewan singer ever.