10 December 2006

69 Mile House Jamboree

As the boys drink beer and wait for Don Cherry to air, the girls are making themselves irresistible in the bathrooms of Henrik's barn sized log house. Henrik is looking over my shoulder making sure I do not slander ABBA, The Rude Kids or any member of the Sedin family.

"Those odd fucker Sedins are leading the Canucks in scoring," Henrik insists. "Write that down and I'll pour you a scotch to go with that fucking organic beer you are swallowing."

Tonight is the annual 69 Mile House Christmas Jamboree. It has been a few years since I attended. A span not long enough for me to have any hopes of not being recognized. There will be a top notch until they get too loaded country band, western swing dancers and a little sweetheart in a frilly dress to sing the Canadian National Anthem. It is the same country band that plays the Jamboree every year. They do some stomping versions of several Rush songs including "By-Tor the Snow Dog", a 69 Mile House favourite.

Like most Interior towns 69 Mile House is a wholesome and thriving dope growing community. I guess that accounts for their appreciation of Rush.

Around about midnight a huge brawl will break out. Always does. People in 69 Mile House prefer to do their brawling after midnight because that is when the local RCMP goes to sleep for the night. No one drives away from the Jamboree until after midnight for the same reason. And what with cell phone technology all the cars that get snagged in the ditch tonight will be gone before the RCMP start their morning patrols.

We are going to have some fun tonight.

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