19 November 2006

Work Sock Grey Cup

This morning Sonja and I had some traditional Irish oatmeal for breakfast. I spotted a tin of the stuff on a high shelf in the market. I could have bought a six pack for the price I paid for the tin so I was hoping they would be something good.

The oats in the tin turned out to be about the size of a large grain of sand. Until the moment I opened the tin I thought oats fell off the plant already rolled like a joint prepared for a sure to be hungover morning. Farm boy I am not.

It takes more than half an hour to cook the little stone like grain. But the wait was worth it. Sonja said, "Those Irish fuckers can sure make a mean porridge! I thought all they were any good at was raising race horses, making beer and kicking English ass."

The predicted storm has been slow to arrive so I took the Hammer for a walk in the woods after we ate. Sonja is happy to have us out of the house so she can better get in the reading she needs done for work related projects. The land was littered with branches and trees liberated from the sky and the Earth during last week's storm. There are lots and lots of mushrooms poking through the sogginess. Too bad there were no good ones.

I watched the sky as the Hammer revved her engine on the leafy, obstacle strewn trail. The sweaty work sock grey cup sky was going by at a dangerous speed. It made me feel stoned looking up there. It felt good.


Nicole said...

CONGRATS on the Grey Cup!
Even though there are SOME players I don't like, I do think there are many deserving athletes and some nice guys on the Lions.

I laughed when they "broke" the cup.

Let me know what kind of case I owe ya!

and we will resume the "war" June \07!

ps...hope all has been ok in your end of dope city with all the stroms\rain!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rainstorms around here are more common than Canuck losses but this November's wet and windy edition has been something else. If this keeps up much longer B.C. will soon be as flat as Saskatchewan.

The Lions played some tremendous old time knock 'em down 'til they don't want to get up any more football. Montreal did well to do the damage they did.

Hopefully Ottawa will be back in the greatest football league on Earth next year.