9 November 2006

A Time For Good Wine

It is false that kings are entitled to the eminence they obtain. - William Godwin

It is not like we had one fuck of a lot else to do on an early November night. Last night Sonja and I poured the wine and watched the election results stream in from the far corners of a country I was fond of before Ronald Reagan and his wish they could wear SS uniforms in public backers ripped the heart out of America like Dr. Frankenstein.

Sonja asked me, as things began to become clear, "They have turned on the Texas Shit, haven't they Beer?"

I told her, "I can hardly believe my eyes. Just when you think America has run plumb out of sense they do something that makes sense. Next thing you know the motherfuckers will decriminalize pot before Canada does."

Sonja asked, "You want one more glass before bed time?"

I was already just about seeing double and I was having trouble keeping the vomit down when I burped but I answered, "Sure. And get a bottle of the good stuff from the back room. This is a night to celebrate."

To the good people of America: I know I give your country a hard ribbing now and again. You fucking deserve it. Your country has so much power and it has been exercized so wretchedly. But tonight the world hopes you have turned a corner in your history. And the world needs all the hope it can get. We got places to go, good places. Why don't ya'll get back on the ice and get out of the desert?

Good morning America! How the fuck are ya?


wick said...

You know what Beer? We do deserve whatever ridicule we get from other countries. How on earth can anyone justify electing this wet turd we have for a president twice?
Unbelievable to me.

Republicans are so amazingly corrupt. They played off of the fear from 9/11. They vote down same sex marriage while they hide in the closet with teenage boys. They got into a war we have no business in, through lies and deception no less. Their special interests clog Congress and the Senate. This country is one fucked up mess! As far as I’m concerned the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party of hypocrites, liars and thieves. However, let’s not forget the Democratic complacency that also had a hand in allowing this to happen.

But yesterday there was a ray of hope.

Perhaps we have had enough of the wool being pulled over our eyes. The American people are beginning to understand the power of a single vote and turned out in droves yesterday to say, “enough”.

The bad news is that we have two more years of King Georgie. In that amount of time he and his cronies can still do insurmountable damage to this country and the world.

Will Democrats find the candidate to pull us out of this mess? Certainly not John Kerry, Al Gore or anyone else I’ve seen so far. It’s time for the Democrats to get their shit together and fast!

So please, hang in there with us. We’re trying.

I still believe that America is the greatest country in the world, but it’s been a long time since we’ve acted like it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hear, hear!

You should see the twit we have for Prime Minister. He makes George Bush look like Keith Richards.

homercat said...

Amen Mr. Beer and amen wick.

Ed said...

We emptied a few bottles Tuesday night as well, Beer.

Tuesday night restored my faith in this country. It’s damn good thing too Beer, I was thinking I’d have to move to Silverville and be your neighbor!

Wick is right, we deserve whatever ridicule we get. But as Tuesday’s results proved: less than half of us are assholes!

Now the good folks of the U.S. have to undo the damage this administration has done to our Constitution and our relations with the rest of the world. We still have a long road ahead, but at least we are moving in the right direction.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If you move on up to Sliverville do not forget to pack some heat. We are becoming more American by the minute.