25 October 2006

Sandy West

It is a good thing it was a big shopping buggy full of beer I bought today and not a wee one. I just read of the death of Sandy West, former Runaway and one fuck of a drummer. Looks like I may have to phone in sick for real tomorrow.

I only got to see Sandy drum once. She was still sixteen or thereabouts and I was not much older. It was a big hall they played to and it was sold right out. At the time the Runaways were more popular in England than AC/DC. More than the Ramones, more than anybody, Sandy and the girls taught me if you want to do something like fuck the motherfucking world or just tell your mom and dad and your teachers to fuck off just go right ahead, do it and do not look back.

I would be lying if I said it was Sandy who gave me teenage wood at that Runaways show, it was the bass player Jackie who was good for that and the singer Cherie's corset get up was a tad inspiring as if that were necessary when I was enjoying Status Quo, the Runaways and an over-supply of testosterone.

It was lung cancer that got Jackie way too young. In honour of Sandy take a cancer survivor out for a couple cases of beer.

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