10 September 2006


I've never lived in Saskatchewan. But I lived real close to the border when I was growing up in motherfucking Alberta so I think I have been there, however briefly. If the province is anything like Corner Gas, but they drink way more, it must be a fine place to live.

I hear our steaming shit of a Prime Minister got himself wrote into a Corner Gas episode. I also heard he was a natural on the set. Like it would be real difficult for someone who lived in motherfucking Alberta, until he moved into his mansion in Ottawa, to fit in with a bunch of people pretending they are the good, if dim, people of Saskatchewan.

The Prime Minister figures Israel's recent murderous response to its murderous neighbours was measured. I'm thinking Charlie Harper is one fucker you would not want to meet in an icy dark alley in motherfucking Alberta unless you have a hockey stick handy and foil wrapping your knuckles.

Gordie Howe is from Saskatchewan. So is Joni Mitchell. And that's where Screamin' White Jefferson wrote and performed the provincial anthem of Saskatchewan. The song is called "Gin Pig." It is one fuck of a lot catchier than "The Maple Leaf Forever." Saskatchewan rocks like the Riders when they play the Tiger Cats.

If any of you music bloggers out there would be so kind as to make Screamin' White Jefferson's music available on MP3 that would be sweet as The Rough Riders winning the Grey Cup come November.


Nicole said...

Hey...you forgot to mention that I am from SK....

so, exactly where are you?

Ps...wow, was the above thread intense...your dreams and all. I had a dream 3 nights ago that really freaked me out.
My stomach is still turning from it. Sometimes real life is way scarier then our nightmares, hey?

Ps...WTF is with comment mod?
I didn't figure you for that kinda guy!!!!

Ed said...

Damn Beer! I don't have a copy of "Gin Pig", but after doing a bit of research, I've got to get my hands on some Screamin' White Jefferson.

I've got a good friend that married a woman from Moose Jaw. She could empty a bottle with the best of us.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Saskatchewan women, like Nicole above, are the heart and soul of our bottle happy country.

I have a few records. If I ever get my hands on a Screamin' White Jefferson lp it will be the most treasured of them all except for Anne Murray's.

Void Records, who last distributed Screamin's short catalogue, even released 8-Tracks of his stuff.