29 September 2006

Jim Taylor

I miss listening to Jim Taylor's reports on Frosty's old morning radio show. I liked his Bob Newhart sense of humour and his less than dreamy take on sports besides the Canadian Football League which he reveres as W.P. Kinsella reveres baseball.

Quite sensibly Taylor predicted enormous advances in the cost of holding the dingle ball Olympic Games in 2010. Olympic Games are motherfucking heroin to politicians. First they smoke the Olympics and they feel all warm and fuzzy as a dog's ass; next they snort the Olympics and they are buzzed as an NFL cornerback; then they tie up and shoot the Olympics in their arm and cost is no fucking concern man, they have to have the Olympics like you need to pee in the morning.

I will be serving Newfoundland seal flipper pie and bright green bags of the world's best dope to well-heeled overseas guests for a couple weeks when the Games are on. If I hold the guests for ransom when the Games are over I might make enough to pay my share of the debt piling up faster than Canuck losses.

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