7 August 2006

Winners and Losers

A young couple with a couple of very young children joined us at the lakeside this morning. They were from a small town in Alberta. The couple had thick Alberta accents so I am not sure I caught the name of the town they were from but I am pretty sure they said they were from Motherfucking, Alberta.

The guy's name was Ferdie and we went fishing on the turquoise lake. Ferdie brought a couple boxes of his cheap motherfucking Alberta beer so I chipped in with some Southern Comfort. Ice cold straight Southern Comfort is a treat. Ferdie said, "Whooey! You don't get any gas fumes from that up your nose or anything when it is that cold." He took another shot. Albertans can drink like any Canadian. I agreed and guzzled down some of what I like about America. The Alberta beer was good and cold too. Beer is beer and it was union made.

Fishing was slow for several hours so we drank and ate our sandwiches. Spotting a visiting bald eagle sitting on a branch by the lake we paddled over for a closer look. He let us slide by beneath his perch eyeing us and the jumping fish with equal disdain.

Ferdie started catching while my line remained unchallenged behind us. He said, "You Dope City boys look to have lost your touch with the finer country arts like catching dinner." Pretty soon he had four trout to my none. But when we decided to return to our camp from the far side of the lake I started bringing them in as fast as I could get out my line. One beauty mouthed the hook as it skipped along the water line a few feet behind the boat as I whacked a fish on its slippery head. We both got four trout. Mine were bigger.

Ferdie said, "Win or lose Beer, I get the booze!"

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