1 September 2006

What Goes Good With Organic Beer?

Today I saw a beautiful thing. The iceman was putting in the ice at the local rink. We are still a long way from winter and Canada's gift to our war happy world, the violence and beauty of hockey. But any day now the spoiled children of the Animal Sacrificing Christians of my gun crazy, crack happy city will be pounding each other with frozen rubber, fists, elbows, knees, hips and lumber. Winter, as Neil Young once sang, is the best time of them all.

Today I am having another Pacific Western Brewing Organic Amber Ale. What a motherfucking beautiful beer. It tastes like it was brewed in the Stanley Cup. Do yourself a favour and buy some. If you have to order it from your local beer store to get some by all means do so. Order a pallet, don't fuck around. Great beer.

I am thinking this beer would go with some good organic dope like a raised elbow and broken teeth.


mutantin said...

canada in summer: womens rugby world cup!

not as fast and exiting as icehockey, but the players are more beautiful ;-)
i love icehockey but since i cannot skate these pleasures are beyond my reach.
i found the way back to my love for hockey this winter when i started to watch the olympic hockey ladies. one day i'm going to be an agression coach for italys team!!
they should play some rugby during the summer, it'll make them so much more self-confident.
and i do support my local hockey team, whose rink is only 5 minutes away by foot but it took me 7 years to there and attend a match, what a shame!
and then i met so many people there that i know, like my neighbour and a former colleague.
hockey players, they are everywhere!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is hard to recognize us hockey players on the street without our helmets on and our teeth in.