26 August 2006

Beer Freak

Tonight I get to test some of Pacific Western Brewery's organic lager. Tomorrow I will test some of their organic ale. I gather the pair of them are Canada's first organic beers. I cannot wait! First I have to guzzle down the rest of my welfare beer to warm up my beer hole while the lager chills in the fridge in its green bottles.

My nephew's new girl likes her beer. The heavy metal fucker goes through girls like I go through favourite beers. When a girl likes her beer much whispering about just how much she likes her beer goes on. "She REALLY likes her beer! Look at her suck them back!" I could give a fuck what anybody drinks as long as it is not my motherfucking beer. My nephew's girl and I are going to have to have a beer talk. I'll have to say something like, "Why don't you smoke dope like all the other kids? Are you some kind of a beer freak?"


Nicole said...

Well Mr. Beer, I thought I'd let you know that I HATE beer!!! BLEH!!!, so no worries, i'll never come and steal yours LOL

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sometime this winter you should check out a junior hockey game with a flask of absinthe in a fur lined pocket. I'll bet 5 oz. of the green magic that does not wear a football helmet will do you.