30 August 2006

8-Track Mind


Bruce Allen, manager of the least talented of the former singers of Canadian glitter rockers Sweeney Todd and Anne Murray, my very own glittery wank festival, has a spot on the radio station I listen to every day. Like me, he thinks he is funny. Sometimes he is but mostly he is about as funny as Ken Dryden.

Allen likes to make like he has the same mentality as the guys who used to play the Four Wheel Drive 8-track of the band that made him the snide rich shit he is today - BTO. Like it takes a big stinking heap of bravery and originality to have the same opinions as Preston Manning with a hangover.

Maybe one day the radio station will phone me up and ask, "Hey Beer we fired that loudmouth ass kisser Bruce Allen and we need someone else who thinks he is funny but isn't to fill his spot, you want the job?"

To which I will answer, "Does Anne Murray look hot singing Christmas songs?"

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