4 July 2006

Rainier vs Old Milwaukee

The Hammer does not care how hot it is. She has to have her walk. If I do not walk her right after work, after I have eaten a couple beers for supper she spends a few minutes looking longingly out the window, then she attacks me. Once I am fully covered with dog drool Sonja says, "I'll clean up if you take her out."

We stopped by the ravine long enough for me to be bitten by and kill many mosquitoes. The Hammer practiced her hunting skills in the long grass. She is quick as a hockey player signing a multi-million multi-year deal.

The sun feels good but the breeze blowing in my window feels better. The beer after work felt good too. I am trying a couple other Stroh Canada brew ups of American beer: Rainier and Old Milwaukee. The Rainier is the better of the two which is not saying one fuck of a lot.

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