20 July 2006

Hunky Z. Turns Over A New Leaf

Looks like its time to spend a weekend with my sister Kitty and her big man Heavy Z. The two of them are a motherfucking riot to go camping with. I was talking to H.Z. on the phone last night. He had some shocking news. After we finished bullshitting about his favourite hockey team, the Islanders, and the quality of drugs the owner must be on to hire a general manager named Snow, he told me, "We'd love to go camping with you and Sonja, Beer, but there is one thing I should warn you about. I have quit the rum. Quit drinking altogether, mon. I even quit coffee. Now I am working the bong harder than Garth Snow is working the phone for hockey talent."

Heavy Z. is half Jamaican, half Ukrainian. The only way he could have better booze-it-up genetics would be if a a shipwrecked Newfie had knocked his mom up instead of a horny perogy salesman.

After the news had sunk in that I had someone new to pick me up off the ground camping I said, "I guess you are a Jah W. now, eh Hunky?"

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