30 July 2006

Canadian Tire

Went to Canadian Tire today to pick up a couple small tools and have a look in their fishing department. My wallet was bulging with Canadian Tire money so badly I was on the lookout for muggers on the way to the store from the parking lot - a distance of about 1/4 mile.I could not find what I was looking for in the tool department so I asked a clerk for assistance. She replied, "It is in aisle 69." As she turned away from me I could swear she said, "And why don't you go fuck yourself on your way there motherfucker."

Admittedly I spend more time shopping in the liquor store than all my other shopping experiences added together. Hell, I spend more time picking up the racing papers every week than all my other shopping experiences (excluding beer runs) put together. But you would think store clerks could at least pretend for two seconds that they would like you to buy something in their store. So I fucked my motherfucking self on the way to aisle 69, still could not find what I wanted, then continued to the fishing department.

Everything in the fishing department was overpriced. Like I am going to pay over $7 for a flatfish when I can get a six pack of Tuborgs for $9.95. So I did not buy anything at Canadian Tire today.

Attention Canadian Tire! Go fuck yourself!


Used said...

Here's the reason.
Do not work for Canadian Tire Stores. Typically, they treat you like dirt, change work schedules on you, and then tell you, you are late when you don't show up for their change. Changes made to schedules for employees should not be made without the employee being notified.

How about paying different wages amongst part-time employees. They do this too. How can they pay two part-time students who start only day’s apart different wages? How about the student minimum wage that they pay. Did you know that if you are a student working during the school year making student minimum wages, your employer must pay you the general minimum wage if you work over 28 hrs. per week? No, not at Canadian Tire. They're special. Apparently, it doesn't apply to them, or at least the store that I'm familiar with doesn't.

I ask management for full-time summer hours. They agreed. They gave me about 6 hrs. a day, 7 days in a row. Nice! Then, for know reason the hrs. got cut. Well, I took another part-time job to supplement my income so I wouldn't fall short on university tuition. Now they're hounding me because I can't work the hrs. that they want me to work.

This obviously can't happen at every store. OR CAN IT! The problem I think is with the associate owner(s). Smaller stores have a tendency to have newer owners. Sales are not as forthcoming as in the larger stores. Thus, the owners hire incompetent managers at lower pay. Why? Because they can. If they would realize that staff turnover is demoralizing and causes deception in the ranks. Why not hire competent individuals that will in turn generate larger sales through improved employee moral and cost much less in training new hires? Not enough money!

Smaller stores should be shut down. I know that in some small towns, CTC may be the only store of its size in the community and this simply would not fit. However, in large cities that have several, even dozens of stores, why keep a small dinky, unkept, unachieving store in their inventory?

Customers, deserve to be treated like Kings and Queens while shopping at any store. After all, the customer is why there is a store in the first place. When will retailers like Canadian Tire wake up. I fear never. The management's we don't care attitude is contagious. It affects all of the staff, which in turn is downloaded onto the customer. It's time that the consumer starts boycotting retailers that cannot provide adequate customer service. As in life, you reap what you sew.

CTC is concerned about bad press; most retailers would be and should be. Why then will they not set out to revamp the type of management that are in most of these stores? It starts at the top.

Employees don't start a new job with a bad attitude. If they did, why then were they hired. The negative attitude is a direct result of the way that employees are treated. Where is the incentive for any young person, to work for mean, uninterested, selfish bastards. The rich get richer and the poor, well, in most cases they have to put up with it, or change it. It only takes one extra straw to break the camels back. Their time is coming. Sooner than later. And I will be there cheering, as another large box store from the USA comes into Canada, providing customer service which is second to none.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Unlike the government and their gooey corporate friends I like getting comments. I especially like getting comments in stale posts.

Why don't you grow dope like everybody else?

Anonymous said...

Eat me!