24 June 2006

Sawmills and Three Dreamy Canadian Women

I dreamed I was at work last night. In my dream I did not have to work. Now I know what is like to be a management motherfucker.

The sawmill was on fire. Workers were running this way and that with fire fighting equipment. I stood back, watched and had a smoke.

Too bad I woke up before I fucked the dog even more. Thinking about the dream later at work I realized I had dreamt I was in Heaven or Hell.

When I fell back to sleep I dreamed I was in bed with Anne Murray and kd lang. It was a really, really big bed. I was telling Anne Murray how much she meant to me while kd was putting on her cowboy boots with the spurs on them. Pat Carney was looking at us through the bedroom window. I got up and went to the fridge for a beer. I yelled down the hallway, "Who wants a beer?" They all wanted a beer except for Pat Carney who opened the window and hollered, "Get me a scotch!" When I came back to the bedroom all three of them were laying on a bed of marijuana leaves. It smelled fantastic.

Only Canadians have dreams like mine.

I decided the work dream was Hell. Anne, kd, Pat and I on a bed of dope could only be Heaven.

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