3 June 2006

2010 Whistler Street Violence

This Whistler tourism flunky was on the radio complaining about groups of young men roaring up the Highway of Sudden Death in their dope money race cars to her yuppie coke dollar village picking fights with other young men on the street and saying bad motherfucking words to the pretty [white] girls out shopping and picking bars to get pissed in before they show everybody their pink titties.

I know exactly what she is talking about, though she is talking in politically correct code.

The radio station puts a caller on the air. He says, "I hear it is groups of young men from a certain ethnic minority causing all the trouble up there."

The ethnic minority he is talking about is young men whose ancestry is traceable to the Punjab region of India. When I was a kid they were known in the neighbourhood as carpet riders and worse. Besides killing one another off in nickle and dime drug squabbles these homosocial lowlifes have chosen Whistler, home of the 2010 Dope Olympics, as a destination to raise shit.

The Whistler tourism flunky was quick to point out that the troublemakers were not subjects of racial profiling. And I am not subject to taxes on beer.

I have a suggestion for the world: never run away from a moral dilemma. Because when you run from the truth you are going to get bit in the ass twice as hard as you will if you face the dilemma head on.

Have fun when you visit in 2010.

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