2 April 2006


Not all that far from the Hockey mansion I watched Rush first rock the world from on the basement black and white tv, there lived an RCMP and a prison guard.

The RCMP was the sort of RCMP every neighbourhood likes to have around. He never lifted a finger against the many unruly teenagers around; nor did he have anything to say about any of the crazy fathers playing chicken in their cars at 100 mph. All his kids were highly thought of. The boys were known far and wide for their superhuman ability to snort coke. The girls were simply known far and wide.

The screw kept to himself every bit as much as the RCMP. I heard the RCMP shared some of his confiscations him. RCMP had the best dope back in the '70s, probably still do. The screw's boys, he had seven or eight of them, were great kids to play road hockey with. They were tough but fair.

One day around Christmas or something somebody sent a package to the screw's house. It was wrapped up in real pretty paper. The screw began to unwrap it by his front door just as soon as he signed for it from the delivery man. It exploded like Iraq. It blew his hands off and injured some of his boys to greater and lesser degrees.

The screw had metal grabby things fitted to his arm stumps after that like some of the careless sawmill workers wore when I made that sudden amputee scene. The metal grabby things shone in the sun when I rode by the screw's house on my mustang.

Like I said, my neighbourhood was a violent one. They never did catch who sent the screw bomb. It was widely believed that the screw must have been one bad motherfucker on the inside.

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