26 February 2006

Taking Off the Opposing Goaler's Head

I woke this morning just in time to turn on my monster tv, drain my city of electricity and see Nik Lidstom cannonade a slapshot past the ear of the Finnish goaler. I had not even had a cup of coffee yet. It looked like Lidstrom was trying the time tested hockey strategy of taking off the opposing goaler's head with the puck and got himself a goal instead.

I remarked to Sonja, who awoke in time for the gold medal presentation, "Those Swedes sure are ugly motherfuckers."

Sonja did not like the sound of that. "Are you saying I'm ugly?"

I had to be careful: she had not yet had her tea and Swedish pancakes for breakfast. "You're only half Swedish."

She beamed, "I knew they were going to win!"

The Sedin brothers, the darlings of Dope City, look like a medical experiment gone bad. If the management of the Dope City Canucks had any sense, which is highly doubtful, they would trade the two freaky looking geeks while they are looking like world beaters. They are world beaters.

I am happy the Swedes won gold. If there is a country even close to being as cool as Canada on our war happy planet it is Sweden. I take my red and white hat off to the semla sucking motherfuckers.

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