8 February 2006

Swordfish Special

Four of us went out for dinner tonight. Me and Sonja and her dad and brother Henrik. Sonja's dad was paying with the fistful of pension cheques he gets each month. We were going to go to one place when we saw a Greek place a few of us had been meaning to go to for years.

I had swordfish because I hear it is going to be listed as an endangered species soon. If you want to eat a lot of things these days you have to be on your toes - just about everything good to eat will either soon be an endangered species or will give you a horrible disease like that mad cow shit.

The restaurant is located in an old tire store. The ghosts of mullet haired '70s rejects shopping for mags for their Challengers were floating around the big building's dusty rafters. Our waitress looked real good for a greek chick. She kept the beer and wine coming while we discussed our town's recent murders. Just so long as it is the dominant immigrant men killing one another off no one minds too much. Their low level power feuds keep the underground gun merchants well fed.

When we were leaving a fellow swordfish eater just about hit Henrik's car in the parking lot. The four of us exclaimed, "You dumb motherfucker!"

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