25 February 2006

Get To Be a Good Beer Drinker

When I was teaching the English how to drink beer in my schooldays I missed out on a lot of fun back home. Luckily I was kept up to speed by letter.

Hello Beer,

We must have freaked you out when we phoned eh?

Well, had a great weekend. We got Friday off so we had a party Thursday night in the woods. Friday night at Smokey's, Saturday night at the Town Pump's and Sunday night at the coach from the other team we played baseball against Sunday afternoon. We lost a double header.

We lost our first floor hockey game 6-5. I got two goals. Sunday night was a great party. We had about 40 cases of beer between about 30 people. I drank about a case then went home to get a joint. Smokin' Moe picked me up and I rolled up some of his pot too. It was the biggest joint I ever rolled. It took me and Moe about 15 minutes to smoke it.

Dwayne wrecked his car. The asshole ran a stop sign. Nothing happened to him but his girlfriend has a broken leg. Ronnie has broken ribs and is in the hospital and his girlfriend has a broken jaw. Dwayne thinks he drives like a motherfucker but he drives like my mother.

We only have a month and a half til school ends. I'm getting bored. Last dance we had I got real sick. I was in the can all night. I'm starting to get to be a good beer drinker because after every baseball practice or meeting we go over to the coach's and have 3 or 4 beer.

Did you get that job at the record store?

Henrik's going to Germany this summer with the band.

Alice Cooper is coming in June. He's bringing his snake, hang himself and his robot. It should be a great stoney concert.

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