10 January 2006

The Voice on the Phone

Just as the election debate was wrapping on the TV the phone rang. Sonja got it. On the other end of the phone someone asked her, "Do you read the Dope City Dope or the Dope City Doper?"

Both the big newspapers around here are owned by the same mob. I do not know why they even bother to give them a different name.

Sonja replied to the voice on the phone by saying, "No. We're stupid."

The voice on the phone replied, "Have a nice night."

Sonja said, "I'm kidding."

The voice on the phone said, "I know." Then she hung up.

The voice on the phone has been begging us to subscribe to one of her boss' piece of crap newspapers since I ended decades as a subscriber years ago. I have tried everything to get them to stop phoning us. The voice on the phone is like a leg humping dog. You can kick the dog away but it keeps coming back for some more humping.

The voice on the phone is leg humping motherfucker.

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