21 January 2006

More Shit of the Homeless on my Dog's Face

It was good to get that week of work behind me. The boss keeps expecting decent production out of a machine he stubbornly refuses to maintain, nevermind upgrade. I am also supposed to keep production up despite having to attend to first aid visits without anyone capable or willing to do my job when I am busy fixing up gashes in peoples legs like what happened this week.

One of the reasons I began writing this Message To the World was so I could write about work once in a while. Despite people spending too much of their life working no one much writes about the experience.

With the work day done and me safely home from my short commute I hooked up the Hammer for a walk in the splendid January dimming light. I like to walk her along the tracks and say hi to the homeless people down there but she found another one of their stinky shits and smeared it all over her cheek. Looks like I am going to have to stop walking through the Neighbourhood of the Discarded.

Our destination was the beer store where I bought two six packs of welfare beer and a tall can of Heineken. They tasted good with the half price steak I bought on the way home from work at the discount grocery store.

On the way home I poked my head into the campaign office door of my local Marijuana Party candidate. He was fucking baked. We chatted briefly and I wished him luck in Monday's election. He is a great guy and pulled better than a couple thousand votes in our recent city election. He said, "At least we'll be rid of the Liberals for a while."

After that I fell asleep. Working, working out, and having a few cold ones on Friday night. Life could not be better for someone like me who likes to feel spent when he hits the pillow at night.

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