6 January 2006

Me, Gordie Howe and the Olsen Twins

I joined the rest of Canada's army of fat out of shape motherfuckers in the gym today. It felt good to test my muscles in new ways that do not include the downing of delicious beer. After the gym work out I hit the pool as usual. I am not much of a swimmer but I manage to get through a little better than a half mile of water on my pool visits. Between the swimming and the gym I hope to have a physique as big as my ego soon.

My ego was heavy to carry around to begin with but now that I have become Mr. Beer N. Hockey I may have to get a trailer to haul it around behind me. Just as soon as the other Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, croaks I will be the only Mr. Hockey left to carry on our fabled name. The burden of speaking engagements and endorsement related responsibilities will soon take their toll and I will find myself a drunken wreck in bed with the Olsen twins.

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