25 December 2005

A Gift that Lasted and Lasted

Sister Sal, she is the one who became a nun, reminds me that us young Canadians got ourselves a miniature table with four matching chairs when we spent the holidays covered in more snow than George Bush and his rip-asnortin' buddies sucked up their noses on his 30th birthday.

The table was made of steel and I'll bet it was made in Canada, not some slave factory in China. The steel was painted grey and the table top and the barely cushioned seats were of the finest red vinyl then available. We sat around that wee table for many Christmases to come; used it to frame basement forts; as a launching pad for Hot Wheels and toy armies; and Easy Bake Oven cookouts.

It is a little late in the game for such advice but if you want to get your children a gift that lasts, fuck the game boxes and ipods and crap that will be lucky to last a year. Buy them a fucking table and chair set. Just make sure it is not made in a country that shoots you for being free.

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